Water Resources Management

CE, Ltd. has vast experience dealing with stormwater problems in addition to planning for stormwater prevention and pollution, drainage studies, base flood elevations, flood mitigation, wetland mapping, erosion & sediment control and more. We have worked with several local Water Reclamation Districts and can navigate approvals efficiently for your projects.

  • Drainage Studies
  • Groundwater Resources Management/Studies
  • Water System Master Planning
  • Floodway Studies
  • Base Flood Elevation Studies
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling
  • Storm Water Planning and Design
  • Regulatory Permitting Assistance
  • Erosion & Sediment Control
  • Watershed Drainage Design
  • FEMA Coordination, Letter of Map Amendments
  • Wetland and/or Creek Restoration
  • Shoreline Stabilization
  • USACE Compliance
  • Wastewater Pumping Stations and Treatment Facilities
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